Programming: Non-Violence, Hip Hop Artist & Speaker AR

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Resources

images-1AR does a terrific  job connecting with the youth through his music videos, film and story of overcoming violence to make a positive difference in the world.
Arthur Renowitzky is the executive director and founder of Life Goes On Foundation (LGO) a nonpolitical/nonprofit organization working in the Bay Area to help bring an end to gun violence amongst youth. Arthur founded LGO in 2007  after he was shot point blank in the chest outside of a San Francisco night club by an  unknown assailant, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. The shooter took $20  dollars from Arthur and a $15 tin chain. The shooter was never found.

After the shooting, Arthur was rushed to the hospital and believes the first responders are the reason he is alive today.   After a 23-day battle in a medically induced coma, Arthur woke on Christmas Eve-day to learn he would never walk again. That news drove Arthur’s mind in a direction he never imagined – not, my life is over, but “I can’t let this happen to another kid like me” Arthur forgives his shooter and wishes for no revenge.

Establishing his “line in the sand” against gun violence, Arthur knew the best route was
to found his non-profit, LGO, and aggressively hit the streets spreading his message of
peace and the real reality of gun violence, through special events and public speaking.

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