My Favorite Letters from Kids

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Book Reviews, On Our Minds

I will be adding to these – unsolicited letters from kids about books. My funny bone is tickled or my heart touched, and I realize I have to share!

Unknown-1Perception of Urban Legends

Well, these things are kind of weird and awesome! I mean, these legends are creepy and when you read them it makes people think like, “Whoa.” What in the world is this? Honestly, for me, it makes me wonder, “Is this stuff still happening?” I love this stuff and I hope to learn more about these “Urban Legends” because it’s awesome.

Thank you Amy. From Lyndon Whyte
Post SecretUnknown-3Unknown-5
WheUnknown-2re I found the book: In Juvie. 
The book, PostSecret, is about people from all over the world sharing secrets about themselves, secrets that make me feel like I’m not alone.
What I found interesting about the book is theUnknown-4 fact that the people in it have so much courage. It amazes me. I wish I could just say something that would make me feel like I lost 50 pounds of baggage. 
I think the man who made this book possible is amazing. I love how just one book can change some things if not everything about how a person feels.
PostSecret makes me feel as if everything I keep dormant isn’t a crime but something that shows me or makes me feel happy, in a way. 
So if anyone has a chance to read PostSecret, it could make you open up or better yet smile, because you finally got something off your chest.
UnknownNumbers by Rachel Ward
I like this book cuz it talk about her and what she feel’in life. And that she can see Death in people by numbers, just by looking into them. But I like this book a lot, but she had numbers that pop into her head and mind and she hooks up with a spider and decides to take a chance. But I think if she looking in>to his eyes its all BAD for him. ~ Ryan P.

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