Practical Steps if You Don’t Have a Librarian On Site

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Resources

By Amy Cheney

  • Discard ALL old, funky, boring, non-kid-friendly books in the facility. Old, funky, irrelevant books are a turn-off.  It is better to have no books at all than old and funky ones. This may seem counterintuitive, but it’s the first thing you need to do.
  • Talk with your administration about the importance of free and independent reading, and gain their support for creating a library of shared books.
  • Reach out to your local public library and partner with them on selecting and obtaining books, programming, librarian visits, grant writing, and book talking.
  • Partner with local bookstores: create a wish list for donors to buy books for your library. Bring in appropriate authors who visit bookstores.
  • Partner with local organizations to hold book drives on specific titles you want.  I partnered with the Girl Scouts for specific book requests and got all the Harry Potter, Wimpy Kid, James Patterson Maximum Ride, Rick Riordan, Goosebumps and many other basic kid-friendly items on the shelves.
  • Connect with Library Services for Youth in Custody (LSYC) and find out what people are doing across the country in providing library services.
  • Connect with Yalsa-lockdown for questions about books and other issues.
  • Provide an abundance of books that kids can check out and bring back when they are done.
  • Create a stress-free honor system for lending books and materials.
  • Hire a consultant to assist you with selection development policies, purchasing books for 40% off, setting up your program and finding the best book choices for your facility. Image
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    If you are working with youth in custody and have limited access, resources, space and time – you should check out this blog! Amy Cheney is the expert in the field. Her insight and advice on all things related to library services for juveniles in detention is absolutely required reading.

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