Greg Cummings finally visits the Hall!

Posted: October 9, 2014 in On Our Minds

I had such a great week last week. Well, I mean on Friday. It truly revitalized me.

The day to day of the detention center is drudgery. Trudging along down the long windowless hallway. Schelping boxes of books. Picking your battles of the many that could be picked. Seeing the kids in “their rooms” – a LOT.  Seeing the kids lining up and marching down the hallway. The silence of no marching when there is not enough staff to bring the kids to the library or the gym. Ok, I won’t depress you.

But then Greg Cummings came! Truly it was for me, because it is such a delight to see an author finding anUnknown audience. Of course the kids loved him, and the staff loved him, and the kids had TWO new books to read over the weekend. I’ve asked Greg to write a guest post about the experience…. look for it next week.

actualcover-filteredAn award-winning wildlife conservationist, Greg Cummings achieved remarkable success protecting gorilla populations in the wild, through community-based initiatives in East and Central Africa. In a career spanning two decades, he personally raised over ten million dollars for this work, and formed enduring relationships with the Gates foundation, World Bank, European Union, UNESCO, and US Fish & Wildlife – to name just a few. What really motivates him is a vision of a strong, indigenous movement for development in Africa – owned and managed by Africans for the good of future generations. Since 2009 he has been a director of WildLIGHT, a registered charity in Uganda. More about the author…


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